Mtsvane 2018 Shumi, Iberiuli

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Brand: Shumi

White dry wine from Georgia. Vintage 2018. Variety Kakhuri Mtsvane. Shumi Winery from the Kakheti region, Tsinandali region. Wine of the exclusive Iberiuli line. Volume 0.75 l. Alcohol content 13 % by vol.

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Mtsvane wine was made from the highest quality grapes of Kakhuri Mtsvane variety, which were grown in Teliani micro zone. Baghtaubani Vineyards, part of the Shumi Winery, are located at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level. Mtsvane wine has a straw yellow color, rich fruity aroma and is characterized by a fresh, elegant harmonious taste, mild acidity and long-lasting aftertaste. These qualities are achieved by perfect production technology, selection of a good location of the vineyards, favorable terroir and, last but not least, a large proportion of handwork in the vineyard, which is typical for exclusive Iberiuli wines in Shumi winery. The recommended serving temperature for white wine is unusually higher and ranges from 10-12 °C. Ideal storage conditions are in a dry, dark place at 5-18 °C, and the temperature should not fluctuate.

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Category: White wine
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