Kisi Qvevri 2018 Shumi, Iberiuli

Code: 140
Brand: Shumi

Dry qvevri amber wine from Georgia. Vintage 2018. Variety Kisi. Shumi Winery from the Kakheti region, Akhmeta subregion. Volume 0.75 l. Alcohol content 13% by vol.

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The premium Kisi Qvevri wine was made from the highest quality grapes of Kisi variety, which were grown in the vineyard "Mziuri" belonging to the Shumi winery. The grapes were harvested by hand with the utmost care and emphasis on quality. The wine was made by the traditional method in qvevri, where the wine mash was fermented and macerated for 6 months, during which time the skins were in direct contact with the fermented must, which gives the wine an intense and unique color, aroma and taste. Thanks to this method, the wine has an amber or light orange color, although it is made from a white variety, the color comes from macerated berry skins. The wine was further matured for 4 months in a French oak barrel, in which the traditional Georgian wine spirit Chacha, had previously matured. The intense rich fruity taste of ripe pears and peaches is in pleasant harmony with tones of vanilla and roasted nuts. The wine is full-bodied and robust with a high content of natural phenolic substances and tannins, which brings a rich taste, developed aroma and a very intense experience when consumed. This wine is also characterized by a high content of anti-oxidants, which has a positive effect on human health. These properties are achieved by perfect production technology, based on traditional production methods from the Kakheti region. Furthermore, the characteristics of the wine bring a choice of good location of the vineyards, suitable terroir and, last but not least, a large proportion of handwork in the vineyard, which is typical of the exclusive wines from the Iberiuli range in the Shumi winery. The recommended serving temperature is in the range of 12-15 ° C, which is comparable to red wines. Ideal storage conditions are in a dry, dark place at 5-18 ° C, and the temperature should not fluctuate.

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Category: Qvevri wine
Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 1.4 kg