About us

About us

Our company Qvevri wine s.r.o. is specialized in the import of high quality, exclusive and unique wines from Georgia. These wines are unique due to the varieties and technologies that were used in the production. As is well known, the wine-growing regions under the Caucasus Mountains, between the Black and Caspian Seas, are often considered the "cradle of viticulture". We focus on imports from wineries with a smaller production of high quality wines, typical for the area, which are strictly controlled. Often the grapes of local varieties are grown in organic mode or come from organic production with a high proportion of hand work. These wineries include Shumi winery in the Kakheti region of eastern Georgia. We also offer the organization and management of private wine tastings for companies and private groups and tailor-made wine lectures.

Shumi winery 

Shumi Winery is located in the largest wine region called Kakheti in eastern Georgia. It was founded in 1997 and the first harvest took place in 2001. Since 2004, the winery has been cooperating with the French oenologist Jean Michel Ferrandez. Shumi winery has been awarded at many international wine competitions, so far 194 awards. It is EN ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 22000 certified. The winery was the first in the region with organic production in 2005, now undergoing a transformation to biodynamic production, which is a method of growing vines without chemicals and in accordance with nature and the moon phases. The vineyards are located in unique micro zones such as Napareuli, Tsinandali, Mukuzani and others.


Why "Wines from the cradle of wine"?

According to historical sources, 8,000 years of tradition and art of wine production were born in the area of today's Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. This area is rich in local varieties that are grown nowhere else in the world, these are called "autochthonous". These varieties are, for example, Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane, Saperavi and Kisi. Autochthonous varieties also bring to demanding consumers a wide range of flavors and aromas, which is not offered by commonly grown vine varieties in Europe. The wide taste and aromatic palette can be complemented by tones brought by the method of production in qvevri.

What is "qvevri"?

The wines described as "qvevri" were made by traditional methods of fermenting crushed grapes in ceramic vessels called "qvevri". These vessels are buried in the ground up to the neck, have a conical shape and are made of unglazed ceramic clay. It is the optimal shape of the vessel, the porous structure of the material enabling microoxidation and the placement of the qvevri in the ground, which ensures temperature stability, that are indispensable for the correct technological process of production.